Who are we?

Hi my name is Kaira, I am the owner of The Sunday Series.

The Sunday Series was born on the Gold Coast in Australia. We are 100% a vegan brand and our products are made out of natural ingredients. 

Originally the idea was formed after years of personally using and recycling glass or plastic jars for my own products or for storing ingredients in my kitchen. I found making bath soaks and candles and gifting them to my friends for birthday presents was a really fun and creative way of giving. 

Over time this concept developed and I wanted to share this idea and create gift bundles for customers to give to there friends. My number one goal was to make environmentally friendly products that were natural and vegan. Creating a self-care concept with products that make you stop from your busy lives and enjoy some time for yourself in a nice environment of rose petals or lavender. 

So first came the Bath Soak in the jar which is full of natural ingredients that were GOOD for your skin. The mixes of the bath soak ingredients were researched with the help of a naturopath to ensure the best benefits for your skin. All of our soaks include a crystal that compliments these benefits. 

The Brownie mix was created with the intention to be able to make it in very little and simple steps. Easy for those people that don't like or know how to bake! This is a great introduction to ingredients and the process. And it is vegan of course!

At The Sunday Series we are all about looking after yourself in all aspects, so it is our mission is to provide you with natural, vegan products all made with love.

Please contact me if you have any questions! hello@thesundayseries.com


Kaira xoxo